Send Multiple SMS's at a go via
Web to any mobile network accross India

No. of SMS Rupees Cost per SMS
25 20 80 paisa
50 40 80 paisa
100 70 70 paisa
250 165 66 paisa
500 275 55 paisa

mail alerts Additional email ID Additional Mail Space
Mail Alerts on SMS
Get updates on important emails even when you’re on the move. SMS alerts on your mobile phone inform you as soon as a new mail arrives in your inbox
Additional email ID
Get the advantage of POP connectivity & send e-mails with no ad inserts. Get them for as low as Rs 200 per year for Tata Indicom Broadband users & Rs 250 per year for Total Internet users
Additional Mail Space
Add more space to your mail box!! Increase your mail box size to another 75 Mb. All this for as low as Rs 2/- per Mb per month for Tata Indicom Broadband users & Rs 10 per Mb per month for Total Internet users

More Features

mail alerts Additional email ID  
Auto-Forward your emails to a single address for
easy manageability.
Auto Reply to your friends and colleagues when
your are on vacation.

Send SMS anywhere in India @ Re.1!
Simply enter the number as follows
919223305660 (Mobile phones) 912266918000 (Fixed phones)
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